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We at Property coin trade in cryptocurrencies to help make profits for our customers where we work to grow their mining ground for their much satisfaction.

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Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which is a medium of exchange. It is one of the most secure type of financial transaction where you are in control. We help you in the process of understanding the working of the cryptocurrency which and teach you ways to make it beneficial for your investments.
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You can actually use these coins to help pay your outstanding debt.

With property coin you can easily start to gain money with the comfort of your house. We help to ensure that everything is done right and help you earn more profits which ensures your satisfaction.

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With cryptocurrencies there is always low processing fees which can help add to the reason people opt for cryptocurrency.

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Mistakes to avoid in Cryptocurrency Trading


It does not matter whether you are an expert or someone who is taking baby steps in crypto trading. There is a lot that you need to know and a lot that you need to be aware of. Cryptocurrency trading is a market that is filled with a lot of volatility, unlike traditional markets. Hence there are good possibilities that things might go wrong big time. So if you can avoid a few things you cryptocurrency trading will be a great experience. They are

Chasing plumps

This is one of the very common mistakes that people do when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.  They buy the ones that already have very high value. A good example would be the investors who bought Ripple (XRP) and Tron (TRX) during 2017. Their entire world would have heard their suffering in 2018. Your instinct might work with a lot of things but definitely not with crypto. If there is an extreme increase in price, there are also chances of it falling down again. So do not be blinded by the great profits that you might get.

Not knowing the investment


If you are following the advice from a random person from YouTube of Twitter, it is one of the biggest mistakes that you are doing. Understand the fact these famous people on the internet get paid to promote products. It is all a marketing strategy. It is necessary that you need to allot the required time to research. Every piece of information that you get will definitely help you in many ways. Since the market is so volatile, there is a lot of risks involved in it. Taking calculated steps will help you avoid the loss of big money.

Sale at inappropriate times

Sale at inappropriate times is more of an emotion-driven decision. When it comes to crypto trading the first thing that you need to do is to keep your emotions away. Business and emotion really do not go well with each other.  In most of the cases, the values of the crypto have come down drastically before reaching a 200 to 300% gain. If you are emotionally driven, you will make the sale when the value does down. Rather than taking impulsive decisions, it is better to re-evaluate and assess the market.

Being unformed


If you are not updating yourself, you will be nothing more than a sitting duck. In a market that is very volatile not being updated is the greatest mistake that you can do. Things won’t be the same in the mornings and nights. The good news is that there are plenty of sites that offer regular updates about the changes that are happening in the market. Make sure to educate yourself and keep updated to have a good experience with crypto trading.  If you are ready to lose some cash, then you can stick on with the limited knowledge that you have and do some stupid stuff with it.

Interesting facts about Cryptocurrency


When it comes to inventing new things the human race has always been consistent.  Things are not what they were; there is a drastic change in the way that we lead our lives. We cannot deny the fact that technology has played a major role in it.

But on the contrary, there are few things that remained the same for a long period of time. One among them is the currency that we use. But sadly (Happily) we need to bid goodbye to them in the near future as cryptocurrency is definitely going to take over everything. In this article, we will see some interesting facts about crypto.

The mind-blowing numbers


There are a lot of people in this world who still think that cryptocurrency refers only to bitcoin. In the current situation, there are nearly 1754 cryptos. That is actually nothing because the number of cryptos is constantly increasing. One more important thing that you know is that there are many altcoins that are created most of them do not even last for a month.

Very Volatile


There are a lot of factors that affect the value of the crypto. This is the reason for the volatile nature of the crypto. A simple example will seal the deal. The value of bitcoin in 2009 was 0.003 dollars; the current value of bitcoin is close to 18000 dollars. Some might think that there is drastic growth. Understand the fact that if there is a drastic growth, there are also possibilities of things happening the opposite way.

The owner of bitcoin

We all know that bitcoin is the most famous crypto. But no one knows who owns it. Bitcoin is owned by Satoshi Nakamoto. The best part is that there are not much of photographs on the internet. One more amazing fact about bitcoin is that Satoshi Nakamoto never claimed for the ownership of the code. Hence it belongs to every single person in the world. Since we are talking about bitcoin and its founder, we will also see the current value of bitcoin which is 111956326512 dollars.

Pizza and bitcoin

Now we all know the value of Bitcoin, with just one bitcoin we can at least buy ten entire pizza joints. You might think what is so surprising about it.  Would you believe that back in May 22nd, 2010 a bitcoin developer paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas from Papa John’s? If you convert it into conventional currency, it is approximately 179 million dollars. For some it might be shocking, for some, it might be funny. But it is a real incident that happened.

China the largest miner


Like production and population, crypto mining is one more thing that China is leading the world. The country alone accounts for more than seventy percent of the crypto mining, and it is not a surprise that their most preferred crypto is the cryptocurrency is the bitcoin.

Future of cryptocurrency

Future of crypto

It is a very evident fact that cryptocurrency will have a very humongous impact on our everyday lives in the future. For people who think that it is a hideous thing, well we are sorry to say that you need to live with it.

In the next decade, you will witness a massive growth of cryptocurrency and a lot of other things changing right in front of your naked eyes. In this article how cryptocurrency will change things in the future.

Everything will be fast


Everything as in, not everything. It refers to everything that is related to a money transaction. Whatever might be the amount, it will just take a maximum of four seconds to transfer money to another account even if it is on the other side of the world.

Since the concept of cryptocurrency uses this technology called blockchain, not just money transfer, data transfer will also get much faster. It will just a take a few seconds to transfer files which have a capacity in Gigabytes. If 4G can perform this fast, just imagine how fast things will be with blockchain.  Just like Thanos, things will happen within a snap of your fingers.

A drastic increase in the use of cryptocurrency


There will be a huge increase in the number of people who will be using cryptocurrency. In the present situation, not even five percent of the population is using crypto. Even though there are a lot of people, who have knowledge about cryptocurrency they are not minting it or using it. But this situation will exactly be the other way around after a decade or a max of fifteen years. There will be very fewer people who will not be using crypto, and every individual will have all the knowledge about cryptocurrency. As of now, the Chinese account for nearly 75% of the entire cryptocurrency mining in the world.

Banks and cryptocurrency


The banks will start to accept cryptocurrency. To put in a better way, there will be no other way for the banks but to accept cryptocurrency. We can also expect the banks to create some packages with crypto as the base. You will be able to buy all kinds of cryptocurrencies from ATMs just like withdrawing the cash. A debit card will be provided to withdraw and do all transactions with cryptocurrency. Your loans, credits, and everything will be in the form of cryptocurrency.

Reduction of financial frauds


As mentioned earlier cryptocurrency is entirely based on this technology called the Blockchain. The blockchain without second thoughts is the most secure way to transact money. There is no possibility of a data breach or online frauds. There is no involvement of the third party, and hence everything will happen from one end to another end. The security features will be of the top-notch level that is close to impossible for any kind of security breach.

Different methods of Crypto Mining

In the field of technology, cryptocurrency is more like an emerging star. It is steadily gaining a lot of popularity and limelight. There is no second thought on the fact that it is going to play a very important role in the future. Because of the popularity a lot of people are showing interest to learn more about them.


One of the important aspects of cryptocurrency is crypto mining. In this article, we will see the different methods of cryptocurrency mining. Even though there are a lot of methods to mine cryptocurrency, there are four methods that are popularly used. They are

Cloud mining


Cloud mining is one of the most popular and simple mining methods. In this method, there is not much of an effort involved. What you will be doing is that you will pay someone who will be a big company or a corporate a particular amount of money to rent their rigs, which are the mining machines. The income that is generated by the mining machines will be transferred to the individual’s cryptocurrency wallet. Cloud mining has become very popular as it has given the possibility to participate in the mining process easily.

CPU mining

CPU mining is a method that makes use of the processor to do the mining process. Even though it was popular a few years back, now people are not opting for it. The main reason for people not opting for it because the process is very slow and it would take months to make even small revenue. The money that you will be making out this method is actually not worth it because you will be spending more on electricity and cooling. The main reason why it still exists is that it is cheap and anyone with a desktop can do it.

GPU Mining

GPU Mining

GPU mining is one of the most popular cryptocurrency mining methods. There are good possibilities that you will find GPU as the first answer if you Google how to mine cryptocurrency. The reason for the popularity of GPU is that it is comparatively cheap and is very efficient. Considering the factors like harsh speed and workforce GPU mining rigs are really great. The GPU rig makes use of a graphics card for the mining process. It requires two to eight graphics cards, a processor, a motherboard, and a cooling rig frame.

ASIC Mining

ASIC refers to Application Specific Integrated Circuits. These are very special devices which are designed to take care of a very specific task. ASICs are more profitable as they mine more amount of cryptocurrency in comparison with GPU or CPU. At the same time, there is a huge controversy that is going on. It is because many people consider that ASICs are very powerful and they are capable of robbing GPU and CPU rigs. There are possibilities that the major part of the earning could go to just one miner when it comes to ASIC.

Cons associated with Cryptocurrencies


There are always two sides to the coins – and the same rule applies to cryptocurrencies. While the whole world is gushing over how fantastic the returns of cryptocurrencies are, there’s a downside to it too. Not many really talk about it, as the world of cryptocurrencies is super glitzy. Here we have listed a few cons of cryptocurrencies which you should keep in mind before taking a step ahead and investing in them:

No government control:
While the crypto world considers being a significant benefit, no government control means no one really knows what’s happening in the crypto world. This leaves people to do whatever they wish with no ruling authority to question their actions. This is a major drawback as the privacy of the transactions, which is super guarded in cryptocurrency transactions, can be misused for clandestine activities too.

Not acceptable everywhere:

AcceptableYou may wish to use cryptocurrency to carry out multiple transactions whenever you step out to shop – but it isn’t possible as many vendors don’t accept payments in cryptocurrencies. This means that the accessibility of cryptocurrencies is not yet widespread and is limited- at least as of now.

Software bugs:

HackYou cannot see, feel or touch the cryptocurrency – it is entirely virtual and software-based, which makes it vulnerable to the bugs that are a common feature in software. Although such an incident hasn’t really occurred in the world of cryptocurrencies, the possibility of such a thing happening cannot be denied entirely. And the fact that cryptocurrencies aren’t covered under any law makes the investors even more vulnerable in case of any untoward happening.

Lose your key, lose your coins:

Lock keysThere is no way at all to recover the cryptocurrency coins you have purchased if you happen to lose them in any way. Also, most o the cryptocurrencies don’t really offer any copies of transactions made and investments held (it’s all virtual) makes it difficult for you to prove that you actually owned some cryptocurrencies which are now gone. If you lose the private key to your crypto wallet, it’s money gone – forever.

Wild fluctuations:
Although cryptocurrencies have fetched many people tremendous returns, it cannot be denied that the currency values waver like no one’s business. Take an example – in the year 2014, the value of Bitcoin ranged from between $30 to $1000! Imagine the gravity of fluctuation. This also means that one who is well versed with investing in cryptocurrencies is better off understanding the tricks of this trade.

Beginners guide for Crypto Mining

cryptocurrency mining

It is a fact that we need to accept that there are a lot of people who are aware of this concept of cryptocurrency. But there are only a very few who have a proper understanding of it. The number of people who are using it is very low. Considering the fact that cryptocurrency is going to have a huge impact on our lives in the future, we cannot afford to lethargic about it. In this article, we will discuss in detail about crypto mining.

What is cryptocurrency mining?


Cryptocurrency mining or crypto mining is the process that involves the transaction of various cryptocurrency that is verified and added to the digital blockchain ledger.

In the mining process, it is the responsibility of the miner to ensure the authenticity of the information and update the blockchain ledger with transactions.

Is it worth mining cryptocurrency?

It just sounds like a very casual question. But there is a lot that goes into it. But the answer to that question is that yes it can be done. If you are doing it casually, it can generate a few dollars every day. Even though some of the cryptocurrencies are easily accessible the hardware to mine, these currencies will cost around a thousand dollars. If you are considering doing this for the second income, then it is not possible, and it is not advisable. It is because you need to invest at least 3000 dollars to 5000 dollars in hardware to have a significant income.

Working of crypto mining

crypto transactions

The important aspects of mining are to accomplish three things. They are to provide the service of bookkeeping to the coin network. The transactions need to be verified which is more like 24/7 computer accounting. For the account services that you render you will be paid which is a small part of the value of the coins that are transacted.  Make sure that you use good quality hardware that can provide the needed support.

Things that you need for crypto mining

There are some mandatory things that you need for mining cryptocurrency.

  1. A coin wallet which refers to a free private database. It is more like a container that stores the earnings and maintains the perfect ledger for all the transactions. It is password protected, and no one can access it without your permission.
  2. A reliable mining software package that is made of ogminer and stratum.
  3. A mining pool membership. A mining pool is an online community that consists of many miners. By becoming their member, you will able to integrate your computer with them to increase your profit.
  4. A good and reliable internet connection that has a minimum speed of two Mbps.
  5. A computer with adequate specifications that will meet the requirements of mining. It will be better if you can use a separate computer because you won’t be able to use it when there is a mining process is done.
  6. The hardware needs to be set up in a proper air-conditioned space.
  7. An ATI GPU or some special device called as the ASICS chip. It will cost around 1000 to 3000 dollars.
  8. Constantly updating yourself about the developments in the field of cryptocurrency to that you can make the required changes.

Coins Vs Tokens: What Is The Difference


When one thinks of the term coin, their mind immediately goes to the physical object coin, which is made of metal. Coins are employed as a currency and a very insignificant amount at that. One of the greatest problems when it comes to the cutting-edge sector is that some problems actually arise from the roots and some regulations tend to lag a bit because of the advancements in technology. The same can be applied when it comes to knowledge. Some terms which are created actually tend to start evolving because of the influence of technology.

There are just two terms which are used to describe the units of blockchain value are tokens and coins. These are the two terms which are used. The usage and the meaning overlaps a lot, and it is also important to know that they are interchangeable and also when we are, strictly speaking, there are a lot of differences between the two. If we are speaking in a broad sense, a crypto coin is actually a coin, and that is considered a means of payment. That is what it is. You can keep it and wait for it to appreciate in value, or you can actually go ahead and use it as currency to purchase something that you want.

When we are talking about it in a very broad sense, a crypto coin can be considered a means of payment and a token has been deemed to have a wider functionality. The express and main purpose of a coin is to act exactly like money. It would be considered as a unit of a stored value, and you can also consider them as a medium of transfer. These coins actually tend to take the form of things like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and some other coins. They have been given a lot of names, and there are many kinds indeed. They all actually share the same kind of principle and the same kind uses. All of the cryptocurrency coins share the same kind of functionalities, and it does indeed matter which one you use, because bitcoin and litecoin, for example, some different rules and regulations that we as users have to follow.

Tokens have been known to offer a great functionality when you compare it to digital cash. They will undoubtedly deliver immense value top investors, and that would be way beyond some speculative returns. Tokens have been known to be very useful, and people do indeed prefer this, rather than coins. When in practice, the line between tokens and coins is not even clear or sharp at all. Both are used to transfer the value as a means of payment.

There is also an option for bitcoin auto traders robots which we will cover more extensively on future posts such as Bitcoin Revolution app and Bitcoin Trader you can read more at cryptoevent.io as well

Some Key Features Of Cryptocurrency

Features Of Cryptocoin

An anonymous individual invented cryptocurrency on the cusp of the financial crisis, on 31st October in the year 2008. This was the first that the world had ever seen, meaning the world has never seen anything like it before. Bitcoin was deemed a peer to peer electronic cash system which can be used to properly send money or pay for transactions. You should also know that not a lot of people took notice of these advancements in cryptography and even blockchain technology was not noticed. A lot of people did not believe in the feasibility of a world-wide but decentralized system for the transactions.

A very important thing to know is that Bitcoin is a great and amazing decentralized digital currency which can be sent and paid from user to user on a network that is peer to peer. It can be used as a medium of exchange of value without actually needing the intermediaries or even a central authority for regulations. All cryptocurrencies have been known to make use of cryptography in order to verify and also secure transactions. Bitcoin is actually the first-ever cryptocurrency which was designed In order to create an independent and also a decentralized electronic payment system. Here are some key features of cryptocurrency that one should note.


–    Cryptocurrency is decentralized and also does not have a central authority. When it comes to traditional currencies, central banks and authorities, they will not have any jurisdiction or power over cryptocurrency. The transactions can be processed and also validated by a network which is open and distributed. All transactions are actually verified by network nodes through cryptography, and it is also recorded in order to make it secure.

–    The payments can be completely anonymous. There is no possible way for you to actually get identified if you want your payment to be anonymous and that is one of the best things about it. There is total anonymity, and you will have complete privacy.

–    It is irreversible and also immutable. Cryptocurrency transactions have been known to be irreversible. It is actually impossible to modify the transaction because it requires you to alter all the nodes when it comes to blockchain.

–    There is also limited supply, and there is scarcity as well.

–    What makes it special is that it is very efficient because it has a peer to peer database, which means that there is no need for some central authority to be poking their nose into your business.

–    It is amazingly secure. In the history of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies, there have been very less break-ins or any issues. The thing is, since it is based digitally, we need to be more vigilant.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Crytocurrency Guide

There has undoubtedly been a lot of talks when it comes to cryptocurrency, both online and offline. It is a very widely talked about thing that has gained a lot of fame and I don’t think it shows signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you are wondering if it is the right time to break into the cryptocurrency market, it certainly is a great time. You will obviously never get the perfect moment, and therefore you need to get in whenever you feel like it is doing well.

The owners of cryptocurrency have indeed been on a long and bumpy journey and especially the ones that have actually been there since the birth and inception of cryptocurrency. Like I said before the road has been rocky, to say the least. There are so many ups and downs that no one can actually predict successfully what and all are going to happen next. I am sure that you would have heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is actually a kind of cryptocurrency. It stagnated for a couple of years, but then it skyrocketed in the year 2017 to $20,000. It has indeed fallen down after that, but a clear statement was made that it can go up or down in a very unpredictable fashion. Some of it was actually considered a joke a few years ago, but now it has been taken much more seriously by people since it is obvious that it can hold immense value at any time of the day.


The very notion of cryptocurrency has actually been known to turn away some people because they don’t take it seriously and some people actually seemed baffled by it all, but actually in my opinion, if something is so unpredictable, a person who is very vigilant would certainly sign it off saying it is not valid, but for someone who is adventurous, they would certainly pay heed towards something that could potentially make them a lot of money, but in an unpredictable fashion. There are certainly a group of people who believe that the technology behind cryptocurrency can change the world and mould it for the better, and there are some others who believe that it is actually just a waste of resources and energy as well.

In my opinion, I don’t see the problem in it being an actual real thing that people are concerned about. It is actually a very neat idea because it is actually independent and no bank or any kinds of financial organizations have any sort of jurisdiction over it. It has also proven to be a very safe and secure way of paying for things as there is no possibility of you getting cheated.

Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency has been one of the most successful forms of digital currency that has escalated to greater heights through the passage of time. It has emerged to be a successful grab in many aspects and has people falling for it on a daily basis. But if you are still wondering about investing in this currency, then here are some reasons that might change your mind.

Massive Returns

Everyone makes investments, considering the situation of returns. They are one of the most important reasons why people look forward to investments and continue to do. Well, in terms of returns, cryptocurrency is a significant player that you cannot ignore. Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency that has given people with massive returns, which is quite evident in their faces. Once you examine facts and figures, you will be amazed to find the kind of returns that the currency has been offering. Since fluctuations are minimum in the world of cryptocurrency, it is a bit safer than the stock market.

The Huge Market

The digital world of cryptocurrency is not small and consists of more currencies than the hugely popular Bitcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, there are plenty of other currencies like Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and a lot more. The concept of return varies, and different currencies have a different story to tell. But there are aspects that you need to keep in mind like the volatility and infancy.

The Potential for Growth


Countries around the world have opened their eyes towards cryptocurrency, and the market has the potential for further growth. Unlike other forms, they are a safe mode of transaction due to its digital manner of functioning, and they are secure as ever. Since decoding might seem like a hard task, all your information remains safe with them and there is nothing that you need to worry about. Hence such steps help to increase its rate of growth and potential.

Individual Power

The most interesting part of cryptocurrency is that they are not monitored by the government and you can enjoy power at your own hands. Cryptocurrency is not subject to any rules and regulations formed by the government, and you need not worry about terms and conditions. The market is independent, and the rules are flexible. These reasons also make the market stable, and control remains at the tip of your hands. Unlike your usual mode of transferring that involves a set of fees, cryptocurrency demands nothing of that sort. Hence when you sum up all these points, it holds a viable argument against people who have been calling it a scam. So learn more about the market and consult a specialist before investing.