Top Crypotcurrencies

Top Cryptocurrencies of 2019

The digital world of cryptocurrency is one which has taken the world by storm in many aspects. People were quick to invest their money in this system as they felt that it would give them returns and benefit them in the future. Due to these reasons, the market is relevant and has made progress in terms of creating more currencies. So, we have made a list of the top cryptocurrencies that have ruled the market in 2019.

1. Bitcoin

There was no doubt in the fact that Bitcoin still manages to remain at the top regardless of the various things that might happen to slow down its growth. After its introduction in 2008, the currency did not create a significant impact on the minds of people for the first five years. But through time, it picked up, and in terms of value, the currency has been at the top as of 2019. It has the biggest community of developers and investors whose involvement has proven to be its main success. Once the impact became bigger, companies such as Microsoft, Bloomberg and began accepting payment in terms of Bitcoin.

2. Ripple

Ripple was formed for one purpose, and the currency has done a remarkable job in satisfying its primary objective. It was introduced for the sole purpose of solving problems faced by International Payment Transfers. Unlike other companies in the market, around 50 billion XRP (Ripple Currency) is owned by the makers itself. This strategy turned out to be a great strategy that made them churn out a significant amount of profits.

3. EOS

EOS was launched as a direct competitor to NEO and Ethereum. Over time they have proved to be an advanced mechanism when compared to Ethereum. They achieved this unique feet by changing their set of functioning. EOS supports numerous languages, and one can also use C++ to further get a grasp over things.

4. Ethereum

Created by Vitalik Buterin in 2015, Ethereum turned out to be a bigger phenomenon than just a mere cryptocurrency. The platform that they developed has been regarded as the best in terms of user experience and a lot more factors. Smart contracts were the offering, and people accepted it and made it successful like never before. The transactions that can be processed with Ethereum have made a bunch of fans and followers to their liking.

5. Bitcoin Cash

Agreements and deals end up facing critical problems, and that is precisely what happened with Bitcoin Cash when the makers could not come to terms with the rest of the panel. But that did not keep Bitcoin cash from falling because their mode of transactions is faster than Bitcoin.