What is the price of Property Coin?

The initial price of Property Coin will be equal to approximately $3. We will be accepting USD and the equivalent amount of ETH and BTC during the sale.

What is the minimum token contribution?

US Investors: $1,000 USD equivalent.

Non US Investors: $100 USD equivalent.

How can I participate in the bounty campaign?

Our bounty campaign has now ended

What does Property Coin do?

Property coin gives you an exclusive opportunity to participate in a fully regulated coin that is backed by real estate assets and loans. To our knowledge, there is no way, currently, for investors to invest in an institutionalized, technology driven fix and flip investment strategy at scale in the U.S. or elsewhere. Traditionally, residential fix and flip strategies are only available to “country club” deals made by the ultra wealthy. Property Coin is changing that. We aim to democratize access to our investment strategy by giving investors the opportunity to share in the profits produced by our existing operational and technological platform.

What is Aperture?

Aperture is a California based real estate technology and investment company focused on the acquisition, rehabilitation and disposition of distressed residential real estate and writing loans to smaller investors with the same strategy.

In their careers, our team is estimated to have been involved in the closing of over $150B of real estate financing transactions, the flipping of over 3,000 properties, the origination of over $10B of mortgage loans and the creation of proprietary technology systems for some of the largest investment banks in the world.

To date, we have produced over 50% unlevered IRR’s on our investments.

What makes Property Coin different from other Asset Backed or real estate tokens?

Aside from the fact that we think we are better than any other asset backed tokens (our humble opinion), there are three main reasons we can point to. Transparency, experience and product.

Transparency - In recent months, there has been some speculation and suspicion surrounding whether or not certain “asset backed” tokens actually have the assets supporting them that they claim. Each month, we will publish investor reporting to the Property Coin website, including accounting for the material assets owned by Property Coin holders. This valuation will provide investors with transparency as to the the nature and value of the underlying assets owned by Property Coin.

Experience - Unlike many other token platforms (both asset backed and non asset backed alike) our company exists, is operational and most importantly, is producing profitable assets. Our team has extensive experience operating and building similar businesses and we held senior positions at competing businesses at significant scale (more than $1B of annual purchases/originations). Similarly, our marketplace has strong, existing demand and does not require adoption from customers that may or may not come with time.

Product - Most real estate related ICOs have largely been focused on either large commercial real estate projects or blockchain based title registries. We are the only STO, that we know of, offering diversified and professionally managed exposure to the U.S. residential real estate market.

This isn’t a new Blockchain project. Why should I be interested?

You’re right, this isn’t a new blockchain, but it is innovative and important. This is a blockchain based investment vehicle. Further, its a way to represent fractional ownership of real estate assets via the blockchain. Until now, investors have had no way to own a fractionalized, decentralized ownership stake of a diversified, professionally managed exposure to the U.S. fix and flip market. We think this is really groundbreaking and we hope you do too!

Why are you doing this?

First and foremost, we believe in blockchain technology and its potential to change the world. Beyond that, we truly believe that the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology is the future of corporate/ asset financing and investment and we want to be there to help lead the innovation in this developing market. Finally, as business owners, having access to ever available capital provides us with a valuable tool to plan our growth in a measured and sustainable manner.

How many Property Coin tokens will be available in the crowdsale and how many are created in total?

The total supply of PCX tokens is 21 million. Of these, 80% will be available in the STO (16,800,000)

Are there any limitations to who can buy Property Coin?

The only restriction we are subject to is that all U.S. investors must be Accredited Investors, as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We regret that we can not allow all U.S. investors to participate, but unfortunately that is the “Catch 22” of today’s regulatory environment.

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