Interesting facts about Cryptocurrency

When it comes to inventing new things the human race has always been consistent.  Things are not what they were; there is a drastic change in the way that we lead our lives. We cannot deny the fact that technology has played a major role in it.

But on the contrary, there are few things that remained the same for a long period of time. One among them is the currency that we use. But sadly (Happily) we need to bid goodbye to them in the near future as cryptocurrency is definitely going to take over everything. In this article, we will see some interesting facts about crypto.

The mind-blowing numbers


There are a lot of people in this world who still think that cryptocurrency refers only to bitcoin. In the current situation, there are nearly 1754 cryptos. That is actually nothing because the number of cryptos is constantly increasing. One more important thing that you know is that there are many altcoins that are created most of them do not even last for a month.

Very Volatile


There are a lot of factors that affect the value of the crypto. This is the reason for the volatile nature of the crypto. A simple example will seal the deal. The value of bitcoin in 2009 was 0.003 dollars; the current value of bitcoin is close to 18000 dollars. Some might think that there is drastic growth. Understand the fact that if there is a drastic growth, there are also possibilities of things happening the opposite way.

The owner of bitcoin

We all know that bitcoin is the most famous crypto. But no one knows who owns it. Bitcoin is owned by Satoshi Nakamoto. The best part is that there are not much of photographs on the internet. One more amazing fact about bitcoin is that Satoshi Nakamoto never claimed for the ownership of the code. Hence it belongs to every single person in the world. Since we are talking about bitcoin and its founder, we will also see the current value of bitcoin which is 111956326512 dollars.

Pizza and bitcoin

Now we all know the value of Bitcoin, with just one bitcoin we can at least buy ten entire pizza joints. You might think what is so surprising about it.  Would you believe that back in May 22nd, 2010 a bitcoin developer paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas from Papa John’s? If you convert it into conventional currency, it is approximately 179 million dollars. For some it might be shocking, for some, it might be funny. But it is a real incident that happened.

China the largest miner


Like production and population, crypto mining is one more thing that China is leading the world. The country alone accounts for more than seventy percent of the crypto mining, and it is not a surprise that their most preferred crypto is the cryptocurrency is the bitcoin.

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